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Reusable Packaging


In addition to a variety of recycling services, Midwest Fiber provides once-used boxes for an environmentally- friendly and affordable packaging solution!


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Why choose once-used boxes?!

  • AFFORDABILITY: Low prices for great quality. The boxes are lightly used and like- new, but with reduced prices.

  • AVAILABILITY: Each box size is available in bulk quantities that can get the job done…and then some!

  • ACCESSABILITY: Midwest Fiber has plant locations in five prominent Midwestern markets. Click here to find a Sales Representative in your area.

  • USEABILITY: Whether you need moving boxes, shipping boxes, or storage boxes, our selection of sizes can cover your needs.
  • MEGA GREEN OPTION: Reusing boxes extends product life, which saves energy that would have been used in the recycling process.

Looking for a special size of once-used box? Let us find it for you! Once used boxes 1


Just send us a brief description of what you're looking for, and we'll take it from there!


To learn more about once-used boxes, check out our blog, "Why a Once-Used Box?"


Thousands of U.S. companies have saved millions of dollars through their voluntary recycling programs. They wouldn't recycle if it didn't make economic sense.