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Getting the kids involved

Earth month generates a lot of activity in the world of recycling, and one of the things I like most about participating in community events is the opportunity to listen to people and hear first-hand what they think is convenient about recycling, what they find confusing, and the terrific ideas they have about keeping the recycling process efficient at home.


A couple moms that I spoke with shared wonderful ways that their kids get involved in the family recycling operation. They exclaimed that their children enjoy being in charge of something, and (whether they realize it or not) learn important information along the way.


A particularly fun idea was to assign recycling roles to each child. For instance, one might be the “Bin Inspector,” which consists of looking through the recycling containers in the house and making sure that everything belongs, while another takes the title of “Material Collector.” This involves gathering recyclable material from separate containers around the house, and consolidating it in the designated recycle bin.


Whether the job responsibilities include fun badges/ uniforms for the younger kids, or amusing prizes, each mom had a special way of making recycling fun in the home.


Do you have creative ways to get your kids involved in the recycling process? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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Thursday, 15 April 2021

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